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Grilling Healthy For A Healthier Taste

Posted On 2012-06-27 , 3:42 PM

4th of July is coming up next week and I know alot of you are going to be pulling them grills out and barbecue for your immediate family or for a family reunion. Grilling can be fun when you are surrounded by family and friends. Playing a little softball, kickball, cards, dominoes, throwing horse shoes, or even swimming. Grilling makes the whole neighborhood come out to eat barbecue and particpate as well.

The main thing here about barbecuing is preparing the grill first. Grilling healthy comes first when you clean the grill properly before putting anything on it. It have be a very good taste but not dirty taste. When the grill is not clean alot of harm can come when grilling instead of lean and healthier way to eat the meats. Have fun but also be careful when pulling the grills out to enjoy yourself for the family events for the whole summer.


Raw Superfoods

Posted On 2012-06-05 , 4:47 PM

This healthy raw food consists of foods that have more nutrients per calorie than most other foods. They’ve been shown to contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that prevent disease: from cancer to heart disease to arthritis, and many more. A great way to eat these raw health foods – whether you just begin a raw food diet or whether you’re 100% raw already – is to add them to your daily smoothie.

What are two great raw suuperfoods? Wheat grass- Wheatgrass cleanses the body (natural raw detoxer) and it eliminates body and breath odors. It’s an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. It’s a whole meal and complete protein with about 30 enzymes. It has up to 70% chlorophyll (which builds the blood). Maca is a radish like fruit that grows in Peru. It’s extraordinary rich in nutrients: 10% protein, 60% carbohydrate and full of fatty acids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals trace. Maca is famous for its amazing health benefits and used to boost, energy, strength, libido, sexual function and fertility in both men and women.


Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Posted On 2012-05-08 , 12:19 PM

The singular focus on treating cholesterol as a means to prevent heart attacks is leading to the deaths of millions of people because the real underlying cause of the majority of heart disease is not being diagnosed or treated by most physicians. I advised you if have medical insurance to go to the doctor as much as possible because whatever disease you have may have could be diagnose early and cure early before its to late.

Learning how to lower cholesterol naturally is simple. Eat a healthy cholesterol lowering diet. Do a regular physical exercise activity, at least 30 minutes a day. Reach and maintain a healthy weight, Being overweight can decrease “good” HDL levels and increase “bad” LDL and total cholesterol levels. Eliminate sweets and refine foods. Cut out caffeine and alcohol drinks, try to drink more water. Don’t smoke or use tabacco in any form.


Grilling Healthy For Delicious And Lean Meat

Posted On 2012-03-08 , 9:48 PM

Most people will tell you that grilling is a healthier way to cook meals especially meats because it burns the fat off the meat and thats good for cholesterol. When you eat meat you put yourself at risk of getting high cholesterol so when you grill your meat you minimize the risk.

Grilling healthy is a little bit more than grilling food healthy. Before you begin to cook these delicious meals you must get the grill ready. Clean your grill as you normally do but before adding anything to it, spray it with a non-stick cooking spray or dip a paper towel in cooking oil and rub over the grill. This will prevent any mock meats from sticking. You’ll need less charcoal than you would if you were grilling meats.


Healthy Snack Recipes

Posted On 2012-02-07 , 3:52 PM

I know when you want a snack you have no idea of eating a healthy snack but most people just want to eat something because they body are train to eat when it have stomach aches.  Try to eat vegetables or fruits when you want a snack that way you won't have health problems or gain any weight. 

One of my favorite healthy snack recipes are tomatoes with pepper, garlic, and onions.  Tomatoes are a wonderful healthy snack and they come in so many varieties. While some may not like a sliced tomato, cherry tomatoes, pear tomatoes and grape tomatoes are hard to resist. Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant the shields the body against radical damage to brain cells.


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